Meet the Team

Meet your healthcare providers- the people who help keep the lights on.

Dr. James G. Sullivan, MD

Dr. James G. Sullivan, a board-certified internist, is known for his commitment to patient care and his innovative approach to healthcare delivery.

Dr. Duane King, MD

Dr. Duane King, a specialist in family medicine, is a highly experienced physician dedicated to the health and well-being of his patients.

Dr. Lindy Harrell, MD

Dr. Lindy Harrell, a renowned neurologist, brings a deep understanding of neurology and a compassionate care approach to Parkway Medical Center.

Dr. Howard Strickler, MD

Dr. Howard Strickler, an expert in family medicine, is known for his patient-centered approach and dedication to healthcare.

Paula Sullivan, CRNP

Paula Sullivan, CRNP, brings her broad experience and specialized skills in nursing to provide high-quality patient care.

Dr. Jack Whites, MD

Dr. Jack Whites, a seasoned family medicine specialist, is dedicated to delivering holistic and comprehensive care to his patients.

Dr. James Wise, MD

Dr. James Wise, a skilled orthopedic surgeon, combines his extensive experience with the latest techniques to provide exceptional surgical care.